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SKULL & BONES was blessed with a talented and tolerant Cast & Crew. The film was shot in the summer and many of the scenes took place in a humid basement, with the actors spending hours in uncomfortable positions on a punishing concrete floor. Yet tempers rarely flared and the production miraculouly stayed on schedule.
T. S. Slaughter (Writer and Director)
T.S. has directed the short films THE TAFTS (2006) and THE BLACK BOX (2006) as well as opera and theatre. SKULL & BONES is his first feature, but he is already hard at work on screenplays for SKULL & BONES II and SKULL & BONES III, so stay tuned!

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T.S. can be contacted at

Paul Serrano (Producer and Director of Photography)
Before SKULL & BONES, Paul had worked with TS on two 16mm short films (listed under TS's entry). Paul's artistic interests range from photography to fiction. SKULL & BONES is the first feature that he has shot and produced and the first time that he has worked with DV.

Paul is content that he succeeded in convincing leery distributors that what the world needs now is not love but a gay ass-rape movie with a biting sense of humor. In addition to his film productions, Paul has produced video, motion graphics, and interactive projects for large international companies that he will not name here.

Paul can be contacted at

Derrick Wolf (Nathan)
Derrick has been working in professional theater since the age of nine when he started in a traveling Shakespeare troupe. He is a working equity stage actor, and is getting his bearings in New York City. He moved to New York in September 2005 from San Francisco. Since then he has been in a music video by Karmen Michael—a new R&B artist—as well as winning the Thespian Royal, an acting competition put on by Happy Corp Productions. This is Derrick's first feature film, and he is sure it won't be his last.
Michael Burke (Justin)
Michael is an award-winning New York City-based queer performance artist, film actor, activist and educator.

FILM - recent credits include the role of Robert in critically-acclaimed director Todd Verow's (director of FRISK (1996) with Parker Posey and Craig Chester) latest feature film BETWEEN SOMETHING AND NOTHING (currently in post production.) Burke also played the role of Bobby in Todd Verow's controversial and sexually explicit queer political film BULLDOG IN THE WHITE HOUSE, which won the Best Narrative Feature Award at the 2006 Chicago Underground Film Festival, and is currently screening at festivals in the U.S. and Europe. Michael also played the title role (Damien) in DIRTYGLITTER 1: DAMIEN (directed by Aron Kantor of L.A.) which premiered at New York City's New Festival and has been shown at over 30 film festivals including Slamdance 2006, LA's Outfest (winner of top 10 "Best of Outfest" honors), The Edinburgh Film Festival, Mix Brazil, Philadelphia 2006 Int'l Gay Film Festival, The London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, NY Underground, Milan Film Festival, The Cork Film Festival, and MIX NYC, among others.

TELEVISION - Multiple episodes of Bi-Polar Productions' "ADD-TV" (Burke received "Best Newcomer to the Series Award" in 2005), several gigs with the LOGO Network, Recording Artist Sandra Grace's latest music video "Do You Have a Lover" directed by legendary director/photographer Katrina Del Mar, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and appearances in several Public Service Announcements serving the queer rights movement for activist and public service organizations.

PERFORMANCE - A recipient of New Village Productions and All Out Arts "Best Performance Artist of 2003" Award, Michael Burke's critically-acclaimed subversive original solo performance works have been presented at venues throughout NYC and nationally at venues including HOT! The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture, The National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival, Single File Series (Chicago), The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Performance Mix Festival @ Joyce Soho, The SEEN + Heard Festival (Atlanta), Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, HERE Arts Center, The Milagro Theatre, and Chashama, among others. Currently, Burke is the subject of Bizarre Farm Production's documentary about controversial LGBT NYC artists (in production).

TEACHING - Burke is the Director of the Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program, an experimental performance conservatory program for undergraduate/graduate college students, sponsored by NYC's La MaMa ETC. From 2000- 2005, Burke was on the faculty at Trinity College, where he taught performance art, process, and theory. He has also been a guest artist at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and held teaching residencies at diverse universities across the U.S.

Ryan G. Metzger (Chad Phelps-Davenport)
Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Ryan's film credits include the upcoming JACKSONVILLE from CreoNovo Productions and BREAKING VEGAS on the History Channel. His many theatre credits include the title role in Hamlet, Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show, and Algernon in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. He is also the vocalist for the symphonic power metal band Aspire, which recently released their sophomore album, The Age of Reckoning. Visit him on the web at or

James Stover (Travis Taft)
Previous film credits include RECON 7 (w/ Dirk Benedict) and THE MINORITY. James has performed extensively in regional theatre including working with Virginia Musical Theatre, Stage 5 Repertory Theatre, the New England Shakespeare Festival, and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. He also co-starred in the National Tour of My Soul is a Witness. James is originally from Ohio and holds a BFA from Otterbein College.
Daniel Meredith (Zack Whitney)
An Alabama native, Daniel has performed on stages from Florida to Maine. After graduating from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Alabama, Daniel moved to New York City to pursue acting. His one-man show, Flying Through Life in the Fetal Position, was chosen for the Festival of New Dramatists in 2004. He can be seen on HGTV's FreeStyle as well as on The History Channel.
Eugene the Poogene (Rocco Kim)
Eugene the Poogene was an astronaut before going into acting and was instrumental in the setting up of space station STS-111 (along with other members of Expedition Three), now famous for their work on the Biomass Production System. He currently lives in Hackensack, New Jersey with his dog, Roper, with whom he raises nine kids. In his spare time, he likes to sit in the dark and repeat the word "larvae". Eugene the Poogene loves all of his beautiful family, friends, directors, and teachers so much it's sick. Eugene the Poogene has killed about four dudes.

Spencer Schilly (Editorial Consultant)
Spencer Schilly has edited five feature films including RuPaul's STARRBOOTY (2007) and the award-winning SUMMER THUNDER (2003), which he also wrote and directed.

Spencer has also directed and edited several short films and videos, co-produced Lisa Levy's Off-Broadway show, Psychotherapy Live, and was a mind behind many VH1 television shows including the Emmy-nominated Pop-Up Video (1996). Currently Spencer is editing his upcoming feature called THE HOUSEBOY.

Originally from Memphis Tennessee, Spencer completed his MFA at the School of Visual Arts in 2002. He currently lives and works in New York City. Spencer is the founder and president of the production company Big Critter Pictures Inc.

Ian Ogden (Editor)
Ian graduated with honors from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts where he wrote, directed, and edited an award-winning short film, COPPERHEAD ROAD (Official Selection at twenty-one film festivals worldwide; Winner - "Best Narrative Short", 2006 Denver Underground Film Festival, Winner - "Honorable Mention for a Short Film", 2005 Big Apple Film Festival).

In addition to SKULL & BONES, Ian has edited numerous projects of different sizes, including short films, commercials and music videos. He has also recently completed developing his first feature length script, CHILD IN THE DARK, with writer Damian Lahey, and is actively looking for financing. The low budget horror film will mark his directorial debut in addition to being a welcome return to the genre.

Chad Herndon (Sound Designer)
A talented audio engineer, Chad holds a degree from the highly regarded recording arts program at Full Sail and spent his �formative years� with the pros at Sony Music Studios. He launched his own studio, Strongboy Studios, in 2002 as an outlet for his projects and a rapidly growing list of clients. Before beginning work on SKULL & BONES, Chad was busy creating the sound design for RuPaul's STARRBOOTY (2007).
"I had experience directing theater and opera before making SKULL & BONES and had worked on several 16mm shorts with Paul and others. We made a choice to shoot S&B on DV, initially for the obvious reason of containing costs; but I also came to appreciate the flexibility of working in DV. Paul and I were able to watch dailies every evening after shooting. We also didn't need to use lots of high-powered lighting; in fact, DV allowed us to take more of a Dogme 95 approach: we mostly used natural light, bounce cards, and china balls."
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