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May 19, 2009 — Ariztical Entertainment releases SKULL & BONES. The film is now available for purchase at Amazon, Ariztical, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy.

Recent Reviews
BAY AREA REPORTER: "T.S. Slaughter's SKULL & BONES may be the most politically incorrect gay film ever made. It's grim, sexually graphic (though not hardcore), violent as hell, and hilariously campy. You've never seen anything like it."

IN A VAULT UNDERGROUND: "SKULL & BONES is the type of independent film that there needs to be more of today - silly, energetic, gross, and most importantly addressing ideas at which the mainstream is not willing to look."

A RAD HOMO: "A Movie about POWER PRIVILEGE PLEASURE and PAIN...... Well you bet your ass stuffed with a cucumber it was....HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO EVEN THE SCORE?...... In this case SUPER DUPER FAR!"

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: "SKULL & BONES doesn't just push buttons, it leaps up and down maniacally on them like a deranged orangutan."

EDGE: "If there is only one no-budget gay-themed film you see this year, make it this one. While that may seem to damn it with faint praise, when you consider all of the gay films that flood the market these days, it's actually a pretty strong recommendation."

THE FILM FIEND: "This is disaffected debauchery at its finest, dear readers, and as long as you can handle a few constrained moments of delirious cruelty towards various straight-laced anuses, Skull & Bones should provide plenty of entertainment for your oh-so cynical dollar. Either way, it's sure to make your chest-thumping, college-football-loving hetero buddies squirm. That alone is worth the price of admission."

DVD VERDICT: "Skull & Bones offers a completely new take on exploitation horror. The scenes drift from sexy, vulgar, to funny often without much transition. This is a brutal personification of class and sexuality lashing out at the haves of society, and giving it to them straight up the ass."

CULTCUTS MAGAZINE: "The film's strongest points lie within its love of horror, b-movies, and true crime, and its sheer willingness to wallow in bad taste."

FILM APOCALYPSE: "If there are other movies that fall into the genre of no-budget-gay-dark-comedy-horror-thriller, I have never heard of them. For potential fans of the genre, here's your movie!"

ROGUE CINEMA: "Skull & Bones is an interesting mixture of genres. There is political and social commentary in the film as it looks at class, sexuality, and society's odd obsession with the macabre. The film also contains explicit homosexual sex mixed in with the violence and torture. This combination makes Skull & Bones one of the most unique films of 2007."

10K BULLETS: "Not since viewing John Waters' PINK FLAMINGOS for the first time have I been so utterly disgusted and disturbed with a film's depravity. Ultimately most will find the sexual themes and content in SKULL & BONES to be vulgar or just downright disgusting while some may see past these exteriors and find a campy film that explores avenues rarely taken in the horror genre."

Recent Interviews with T.S. Slaughter
Hear T.S.'s hilarious take on the state of modern gay horror with Mike and Alex of HORROR MOVIE FANS RADIO

WITHOUT YOUR HEAD RADIO also interviewed T.S. on their Halloween Special. (T.S. calls in at 13:15)

Quotes from The Critics
CANNIBAL FILM FANATICS: "Probably one of the most original ideas to come out of this generation."

FILM THREAT: "Unnerving...fantasy wish-fulfillment for truly disturbed homosexuals."

PHANTAMORTE: "[SKULL & BONES] reminded me of some of John Waters' early stuff and also Hershell Gordon Lewis, though T.S. Slaughter's direction is pure Ed Wood. If Wood was alive today and FINALLY out of the closet, he'd be making movies like SKULL & BONES."

GOREHOUNDS UNITE: "If you think the rape scene in DELIVERANCE made you squirm, then just wait till you see SKULL & BONES....the only film to out-deliver DELIVERANCE."

May 24, 2008 — SKULL & BONES had its world premiere on at the 12th annual MIX MEXICO festival — the largest GLBT film festival in Hispanic America — in hip and historic Mexico City.

If you would like to include SKULL & BONES in your festival, please email us.
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