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Skull & Bones Synopsis
Gay sex buddies Nathan and Justin, united by their passion for slasher, vigilante, and zombie films and extreme criminal biography yet bored and frustrated with their lives as students at an obscure college in impoverished New Haven, CT, decide to teach a self-important straight classmate, Andy, a lesson by raping him. The drug-fuelled incident goes awry and Andy dies. Panicked, Nathan and Justin hide the body. Down the street sits elite Ivy University. When Ivy administrators hear of the disappearance of a local student they bury the story to avoid political mayhem on the crime-ridden campus. Meanwhile, Nathan and Justin decide to pay Ivy a visit to wreak more havoc.

They alight at an Ivy bar, hoping to identify a drunk, straight Ivy undergrad, lure him home, and photograph him having sex with them. Their goal is to extort money via blackmail. While they do encounter a promising group of four Ivies, including a hunky football player, Brooks, and one curiously flirtatious young singer, Chad, the evening does not go their way. Drunk to oblivion, the Ivies brag about being future world leaders: they have been tapped to join the most selective of Ivy's secret societies, Skull and Bones—just like George W. Bush—and put down Nathan and Justin for being losers. With humiliation added to their rage, the resentful duo decides to kidnap the Ivy men one by one. What follows is a harrowing and bloody tale of homo-cidal mania featuring a climactic ending that's sure to get a rise out of anyone with the balls to watch.

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